Social activities

Department "calçotades": held each year in the month of February...

Calçotada 2013 Calçotada 2010

Calçotada 2009 Calçotada 2006

June 2013: Josep is leaving again (now for longer)! Farewell at a chinese restaurant.
Arnau, Carme, Josep, Ferran, Carol, Barta, David and Frederic (left to right)

May 2010
: Josep is leaving us for a couple of months!

Josep, Sophie, Ione, Carol, Estela, Arnau and Carme (left to right)

December 2009: Christmas Department dinner.

Arnau and Carol
Josep and Arnau

June 2006: Group paella.

Michelle, Estela and Miquel Mario and Miquel

Mario, Encarni and Jordi Jordi, Encarni, Estela, Miquel, Michelle, Josep, Mario, Arnau (left to right)