Optical tweezers Java simulation

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J. Mas, A. Farré, J. Cuadros, I. Juvells, and A. Carnicer, "Understanding optical trapping phenomena: a simulation for undergraduates," IEEE Trans. Educ. 54 (1), 133-140 (2011).
  • Optical tweezers and applications: interactive Java simulation of optical tweezers, including manipulation of DNA and molecular motors (University of Colorado, Department of Physics).
  • The trap forces applet: Java applet illustrating the trapping forces (Università di Roma "La Sapienza", CNR-IPCF Dipartimento di Fisica).

    Interactive Java application


Generates dynamic holographic traps by clicking and dragging the mouse

  • Red Tweezers: Labview software for control of SLM-based optical tweezers, including hologram calculation (University of Glasgow, Optics Group).

  • Tweezers LAB: instructions of how to build a force-measuring optical trap called "miniTweezers".

  • Tweezercalib: MatLab package for precise calibration of optical tweezers (The Niels Bohr Institute and Risø National Laboratory, Denmark).

  • Video spot tracker: program to track the motion of one or multiple spots (CISMM-UNC Nanoscale Science Research Group).
  • Tracker: LabView based particle tracker (University of Saint Andrews, Optical Trapping Lab).

  • Step finding algorithm: algorithm to detect step-like processes in noisy data. Available on request (J.W.J. Kerssemakers and M. Dogterom, FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics -AMOLF-).