Current members

Mario Montes Usategui   Associate professor
mario_montes (at)
Estela Martín Badosa
Associate professor 5.06
estela.martinb (at)
Arnau Farré Flaquer  R&D Impetux Optics SL
arnau.farre (at)
Josep Mas Soler
PhD student
josep.mas (at)
Ferran Marsà Samper
R&D Impetux Optics SL
ferran.marsa (at)
Frederic Català Castro
PhD student V5.36
frederic.catala (at)
Rafael Perpiñán Blasco
MSc student

Júlia Ferrer Ortas
Undergraduate student

Former members

Former position in the group
Subsequent position
Noemí Domínguez  MSc student (Feb-Sept 2014) Research assistant at UPC
Aleix Llenas  Undergraduate student (Feb-Jun 2013) MSc student
Berta Gumí  Undergraduate student (Sept 2012-Feb 2013) MSc student
Carol López  PhD student (end October 2012) R&D project manager at Cosingo
Ione Verdeny  MSc student and collaborator (end Jan 2012) PhD student at ICFO
Xavier Fernández Undergraduate student (Nov 2010-Sept 2011) MSc student at ICFO
Yan Wang  Master Monabiphot MSc student (Feb-Sept 2011)
Dorian Treptow  MSc student (May-Sept 2011)
Anne-Sophie Fontaine  PostDoc researcher (May 2009-Sept 2010) Project manager CSIC-IRTA
Jade Martínez MSc student (end Sept 2009)
PhD student at IFISC
Gerard Salvatella Undergraduate student (Jan-Jul 2009) PhD student at the UB
Jordi Andilla
PhD student (end Jan 2009)
R&D Engineer at Imagine Optic (France)
Michelle S. Roth PostDoc researcher (Feb 2007-Dec 2008) PostDoc at ESPCI
Paris Tech, Inst. Langevin (France)
Mireia Rosado Undergraduate student (Jan-Jul 2008)
Marina Mariano Undergraduate student (Jan-Jul 2008)
PhD student at ICFO
Mónica Marro Undergraduate student (Jan-Jul 2008)
PhD student at ICFO
Agnès Sauleda Undergraduate student (Jan-Jul 2007)
Research assistant at CD6, UPC
Encarnación Pleguezuelos PhD student (end Sept 2006)
Cristina Alcaide Undergraduate student (Jul-Sept 2005)
Núria Jiménez Undergraduate student (Jul-Sept 2005) PhD student at INTE, UPC
Simon Tuohy MSc student (May-July 2005)
PhD at Un. of Kent (UK)


The Optical Trapping Lab - Grup de Biofotònica collaborates with different research groups, in Barcelona and abroad: