Internal Seminars

10 September 2012 (joint meeting with I. Poberaj):
- Arnau Farré: "Momentum measurements of single-beam traps"
- Josep Mas: "Optical force measurements in living A549 cells"

6 July 2012, Jordi Sancho: "Plasmons in highly-focused beams"

12 December 2011 (joint meeting with K. Berg-Sørensen):
- Carol López: "High-speed tracking of sub-cellular structures in living cells"
- Arnau Farré: "A re-evaluation of back-focal-plane interferometry: the dilemma between force and position"
- Josep Mas: "Measuring forces in living cells with optical tweezers"

6 May 2011, Mario Montes: "Development of optical trapping systems with application to cell biology …and single-molecule biophysics. Research at the Optical Trapping Lab – Grup de Biofotònica, Universitat de Barcelona", within the Joint Group meeting BiOPT-Small Biosystems Lab

14 January 2011, Mario Montes: "Measuring forces inside cells"

2 December 2010, Mario Montes (10.40h, SECPho Tech Visit to IN2UB): "Optical tweezers: manipulating microscopic samples with light"

26 November 2010, Arnau Farré: "Power spectra and noise"

11 November 2010 (12h, Faculty of Physics), Josep Mas: "Optical tweezers: trapping with light"

21 & 30 July 2010, Carol López: "Step by step"

20 July 2010, Anne-Sophie Fontaine: "Recent Progress in Cellular Imaging for Neuroscience Research"

22 March 2010, Josep Mas: "Optical trapping simulation"

22 February, 1, 8 & 15 March 2010, Arnau Farré: "Direct force measurement"

17 December 2009, Ione Verdeny: "Stress in optical tweezers"

8 July 2009, Ione Verdeny: "NG108 cells"

1 July 2009, Anne-Sophie Fontaine: "Plant Protein Bodies and Biotechnological applications"

17 June 2009, Josep Mas: "Fluorescence"

10 June 2009, Carol López: "Quasi 2D hydrodynamic interactions"

1 June 2009, Gerard Savatella: "Particle tracking software"