Welcome to the Optical Trapping Lab - Grup de Biofotònica website. The BiOPT lab belongs to the Applied Physics Department of the University of Barcelona, Spain. 

The group, which has an increasingly interdisciplinary composition, develops photonic tools to address problems of biological interest. Specifically, we explore the capabilities of optical tweezers technology for the study of living matter at the molecular and cellular scales.

Our systems combine fluorescence microscopy, holographic optical manipulation, force measurement and high speed imaging, allowing us to reach inside cells and help study their inner processes.


February 2017

January 2017

November 2016

  • Raúl attends the NanoBio&Med2016 conference (Barcelona, 22-24 November) to present his “Intracellular Rheological Studies with Optical Tweezers”.

September 2016

  • The undergraduate student Max Serra joins the group to participate in our research related to AODs (Acousto-Optic Deflectors). Glad to have you here, Max.

July 2016

  • Estela, Raúl and Frederic attended the 15th Workshop on Information Optics held in Barcelona (11-15 July). Estela participated as a chairman and gave the invited talk "Force measurement in the manipulation of complex samples with holographic optical tweezers", while Raúl and Frederic helped the local organizers and presented the poster "Optical tweezers for force measurements and rheological studies on biological samples".

June 2016

  • Neus Allande presents her final Degree in Physics project "Optical tweezers in complex samples". Good work, Neus!

January 2016

  • Neus Allande starts her final Degree in Physics project on the simulation of forces exerted by optical tweezers on cylindrical samples in the ray-optics regime. Welcome, Neus!
  • The video "The science of light - Accomplices of light", presented last November during the Science Film Festival.is now available in Spanish and English.

December 2015

  • We are glad to announce that a new PhD student, Dorian Treptow, is moving from Germany to join the group and work on optical tweezers systems using acousto-optic and liquid crystal modulators. Welcome, Dorian!

November 2015

  • On November 18th, we have attended the first IN2UB workshop to exchange ideas with other researchers of the Institute. Thank you for the initative, it was a productive morning.
  • Estela participated in the roundtable discussion "Science of light", held at the University of Barcelona on November 12th during the 2015 International Year of Light. The video "The science of light - Accomplices of light" (available in Catalan) was presented during the Science Film Festival.
  • On November 4th, Estela travels to Valencia the give the invited presentation "Force measurement in complex samples with holographic optical tweezers" during a Workshop organised by the Fiber Optics and Signal Processing (FOPS) group (University of Valencia).
  • A new interview to the Impetux team was published at the specialised newspaper L'Econòmic (in catalan). You can view the interview here.

September 2015

  • Raúl Bola joins the group to start his PhD thesis related to force measurement in living cells. Welcome, Raúl!
  • Rafael Perpiñán successfully presented his final Degree in Physics project, entitled "Optical tweezers with controlled force profiles".
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